Photography is such a great way to tell a story, and to connect people not just with each other but with stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and very special and unique moments. 


Photography is such a great way to tell a story

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I remember my first Camera, a Yashica FR, and still have many of the treasured prints that I created with it. I bought it when I was in Germany, serving with my Cavalry Regiment, and carried it with me through icy cold and dusty hot exercises on those Northern Plains, to the Med and across the seemingly endless open country of Alberta, Canada, to capture special moments with good friends and of fellow tank crew.

That camera was still in my bag when I left the Military and I continued taking lots of pictures, on lots of trips, a camera always with me as we walked up mountains in the UK, travelled and toured around Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Med Islands, the Far East, Turkey, Australia and numerous trips to the USA and South Africa, Africa being such a special place for me, a place to capture both wonderful scenery and fabulous wildlife while on safari.


All of my early photography was 35mm, which involved often waiting weeks before I could get rolls of film to the developers, and eventually getting to see how the shots turned out, a tough way to learn about the basics of composition, framing and settings for focus and light. Although my move to Nikon DSLR's took place many years ago, a 35mm can still be a great experience.

From the Military I joined the Customer Service sector and enjoyed many years in some fabulous Leadership Roles, and as a Chief Operations Officer, Customer Service Director & Partnership Director I worked with some of the world's best known brands, leading large teams and managing large International operations.

So, deciding to run my own business and become a professional photographer was a big decision, but not a difficult one, it offered me the opportunity to set off on a new adventure, an adventure where I could bring together all of my skills and experience and do all the things that I love to do, every day. To be outdoors, exploring places, connecting with nature and people, taking photographs, supporting others and creating images and brilliant experiences that others can love and enjoy too. That's what it's about.

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