Licensing & Copyright

I love photography and I'm truly passionate about creating images and experiences that others will love and enjoy.



​​I hope you love the photographs I have taken and that you get as much pleasure from them as I did when I created them. UK copyright law assigns the copyright and ownership of images to the photographer, it is therefore illegal to make copies of my images unless I give you my permission.

My Images however can be licensed by me for use by a client for a specified period and for a specified use. Please get in touch if there are photographs I have taken that you would love to use commercially. Any Reproduction without my permission is an infringement of the Copyright, Design and Patents act.

The License to Use one of my images commercially only comes into effect once full payment has been made by the Client, reproduction rights are limited to the use and period of time that has been specified. Reproduction rights are not exclusive to a client and when a licence to use has expired all image files should be returned to me.

Commission Work

Where my Work is being Commissioned for a Photography Project, please get in touch with your image rights requirement, I will confirm and add the agreed image rights details to my invoice.