• Dean

4 Great Places to take Landscape Photographs in Lancashire.

Lancashire, the Red Rose County has such a beautiful, fascinating and brilliantly diverse landscape (shaped both by Nature and People), that the photographer is truly spoilt for choice, with so many places to go and so much to photograph. When I started taking photographs in Lancashire I didn't really know the area that well and many of my shots were taken while on walks near to Home, it was in these West Pennine Reservoir Valleys and on the Heather covered Moorlands that I discovered my love for Landscape Photography and my passion to Explore further, and to photograph more.

Today Lancashire remains one of my Favourite places for Photography walks, and offers some brilliant location options for my Photography Coaching. If you are looking to Discover new locations to take Landscape Photographs, then these are 5 of my favourite places in Lancashire.

1. Arneside & Silverdale Area

I always feel as though I have discovered a wonderfully secret place whenever I turn at the road-sign for Silverdale and Arnside. It's a magical place that makes you instantly aware of its amazing natural history.

Walk along the Coastal and Inland Paths around the area and you will see the vast Tidal Sands, the Salt Marshes, Limestone Sea Cliffs and Water Worn Paths, Coves, Caves, Promontories, Hills, Woodlands, Ruined Buildings and so much more.

2. Reservoirs, West Pennine Moors.

Known by some as Lancashire's Little Lake District, the West Pennine Moors is a beautiful area to photograph, in all four seasons. It is an area of Meadows, Valleys, Streams, Reservoirs, with many peaceful paths leading up to the high windswept Moorland Tops.

The Beautiful Reservoirs, amazing Wildlife, Woodlands, Streams, Stepping Stones and Foot Bridges all contribute to make this such a wonderful place for Landscape & Wildlife Photography.

3. On the Tops.

This is also a landscape of Mill and Quarry so the remains of many fascinating buildings are to be found and photographed, creating atmospheric images of a Landscape once busy with people.

When I scan the Landscape I imagine the history of the Families who might have lived here through time, those who built the Reservoirs, constructed the Railroads & Bridges, the Farmers, Inn Keepers and the people who worked in the Mills and on the Land, still further back the presence of the Roman Military can be imagined, guarding and travelling the important road that ran between the Forts at Manchester & Ribchester, a route that ran close by the reservoir paths that are lively with walkers and runners today.

4. Gisburn Forest.

There is a tranquillity walking along the Woodland paths at Gisburn Forest that I find hard to describe, the sound of bubbling streams and bird song and then long moments of silence.

There is a sense of Calm and Stillness, the way the light finds its way in beams and shafts through the woodland canopy, the colours, the detail and the textures of broken stone walls and the carpets of thick moss on the ground, a soft mist can hang just above the tracks, and sit among the trees, helping to create even more atmosphere.