• Dean

A walk at sunrise can be so rewarding, and why wildlife and wild places are so wonderful.

Whenever I head out the door for a walk (or a run) I'm always looking forward to what I will see, a brilliant landscape or a glimpse of amazing wildlife, and the opportunity to capture such a moment with my camera is such a great motivator.

Going out just before dawn can be especially rewarding, with so much to see and so much to discover. I set out this week just before sunset and headed for the moors, an hour later I was on the tops, the sun was up and the sky was clear and blue. Ahead of me a Barn owl was skimming the fields, flying low and looking for prey, and as I came to the edge of the woods, there it was, looking down at me from a fence post.

I took a couple of quick shots and we watched each other for a few seconds before both of us moved on. A few minutes later I saw a Roe Deer grazing in the open on frosty moorland, just then to my right a flash of black and white had caught my eye, at first I thought it must be a small dog darting under the farm gate and into the ditch, but then I realised it was a badger, heading home no doubt from a night of foraging.

I had been out walking now for less than a couple of hours, it was a wonderful sunny day with so many birds in the sky and lots of wildlife activity, I had been privileged to experience some of it in such a short time, including a beautiful Barn Owl, the Roe Deer, Badger, Kestrel, Heron, Long Tailed Tits and with my walk almost over I sat and sipped coffee from my flask as I watched a Kingfisher racing back and forth across a pond, a bright blue and green flash of speed. It is why I have such a love and passion for wild places and wildlife.