• Dean

The Story behind the Shot, Swallows.

There was a long drive ahead of me and it was a going to be a hot summers day. I had planned several breaks along the way, to stretch my legs, and of course to snap a few photographs of the countryside and, if I was lucky, some local wildlife shots too.

It was my first stop, and I had wandered down a dusty track that was alive with bright flowers and scores of graceful little white butterflies, after a short while and having taken several nice pictures, I headed slowly back towards the car, it was then that my attention was drawn off to my right, a group of young swallows were there, perched on a fence and gate. Although just a few metres away, they ignored me, their keen eager eyes searching the sky in unchecked anticipation, then suddenly with a burst of excitement beaks were wide open they all began calling for attention.

I swung up my camera, I knew something amazing was about to happen, and in that moment a Parent Swallow arrived on the scene, flying fast, low and slightly above the young birds before hovering in close to one of the young on the wire fence, with long tail streamers pointing to the ground and strong wings working hard the parent fed the young beak carefully but quickly before banking away, towards me, then gaining speed climbed up into the blue sky, and fast away in search of more flying insect prey.

I held the camera to my eye and kept my focus on the young group, almost instantly I was rewarded, a second parent bird swept in, this time from the opposite direction, once again food was passed on the fly, then in an instant, as before, the parent banked away, this time flying low towards a small patch of water and more food for the young.

It is amazing moment such as this, connecting with nature and capturing images that is my inspiration to go outdoors, take photographs and explore.