Taking the Photograph




On the Moorlands of the West Pennines a track travels up to a place where once a stone circle had stood for over a thousand years, the route is bordered by a broken wall and beyond this there is a view of Manchester, a city skyline in the distance, further still can be seen the heights of the peak district, a panorama stretching out for miles. It is close to this wall, and just above a line of woodland, high on Lancashire's windswept moors that these two elegant trees stand strong and together.

I took this photograph on a cold December afternoon, I had just stopped on my climb up to the tops, when I noticed that the sunlight was flooding through the low breaking clouds, small patches of bright blue sky was emerging directly behind the dark wind-shaped trees, and adding contrast to the scene were changes taking place in the tone of the clouds and in the shadows towards the bottom of frame, here a tumbled wall ran to the left of shot, tall moorland grass in the foreground and a weathered wire fence to the right, all adding further atmosphere to such a brilliant moment.